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Motivational Quotes to Study | अध्ययन करने के लिए प्रेरक उद्धरण


Motivational Quotes to Study | अध्ययन करने के लिए प्रेरक उद्धरण

Hello friends, We Welcome you all to In this article I have come with lot of inspirational thoughts to all of you for Motivational Quotes to Study. I highly hoped that all these thoughts will help you in your path of study which lead to you success and always will inspire you to move Ahead. We all know that if we want to be successful in life to achieve the Our goal , we all always need inspirational thoughts that energies us all with strength.

If you want to achieve Success, then work hard for it. But for this, you need to blow a fire of inspirational thought that can provide light to you on the path of your passion.For this purpose I have brought you the motivational quotes about study. So let’s go and start the journey knowledge of inspiration.



“Hard work gets you where

May good luck bring you. “

“The right use of time and education is the only

makes it successful.


Don’t give up on your “target” because of the fear of “condemnation”

Because as soon as the ‘target’ is met, those who “condemn” Opinions change.

Knowledge is the only element that can be found anywhere,

of man at any stage and at any time does not leave.



“Never run and never stop, just always

Keep going, this is the reason for the success of a student.

is the motto.”

“To lead a normal life

Apart from the bread, cloth and house, if a person

when something is needed the most

That’s just education” – Amitabh Bachchan


“If you want to shine like the sun

Learn to burn like the sun.”

Dr. Abdul Kalam

“Work hard so quietly that success

Make a noise

Motivational Quotes to Study


Vidhya is like a Kamadhenu who is in every season.

She provides nectar to a mother  in abroad

It is the same which is protective and beneficial.

That’s why the mode is called a secret wealth.

– Chanakya

“Until you muster up the courage to run

Till then as always in competition for you

will remain impossible.


“The day a signature turns into an autograph

then let’s assume that you are successful

– Dr. Abdul Kalam

“Knowledge is such an investment, its profit is a part of our life.

I keep getting till the end too.”

– Amitabh Bachchan

Motivational Quotes to Study


“Education is the most powerful weapon with which the world can be changed.”

– Nelson Mandela


“Time is limited so it’s time for someone else

Don’t waste your life”

– Steve Jobs

Motivational Quotes to Study


“Our future depends on our present

That’s why work on your goal.


“A student has to learn something new in his student period apart from his education.

should keep on learning new things so that he

can be much better”


“If you have the guts to start, you

It takes courage to succeed.




“Truth is given which if the top of the mountain

But keep it, of course, reduce the light but

It is visible even from far away.


“The best investment in the world is education because

He gives the best profits.”

– Benjamin franklin

Motivational Quotes to Study

“The roots of the tree of education are very bitter but

Its fruit is very sweet.

– Aristotle


“Don’t stop facing the problem the first time

be afraid because even successful maths started from zero” –

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

“If you’re the smartest person in your room

If you are a student then you are in the wrong room or you are wrong in school.


“A student should always keep this in mind

Student life is not a time of rest, but a time to get education through hard work.


“The student who loses pays attention to the student who wins while the student who wins only
Focuses on winning”


“Knowledge is the food of your mind. That’s why

It’s your duty to 

Keep giving the best of the best knowledge everyday.



“A true student is one who focuses not on proving himself but in making himself better than others.

Motivational Quotes to Study


“If your dreams are not scaring you, not letting you sleep, not letting you eat

then your dreams are really big dreams but

If nothing like this is happening, then assume that

Don’t have big dreams.


“Develop your passion for learning

  If you have done this then you should proceed

No one will be able to stop it from growing.


“Spend time with people who are good for your brain health


Best Response to Give to a Foolish Person”

It’s just silence.”


“Wisdom without ambition is as But without a bird “


If you’re not doing what you love it means you’re wasting your time


“Never make yourself a slave to circumstances.

Understand that you yourself become the creator of your destiny”


“If you do not work in one day, then one day will definitely happen”

Motivational Quotes to Study


“Arise, fight and win, To win

you don’t need any permission nor

Any recommendation”


Have you taken any decision that is Risky at present but in future

Will it be great? if your answer is yes

If it is a good thing, but if it doesn’t come

Do think and take it”


“Don’t wait for the perfect time

give Full strength to top up your goal from righ today

Give it a shot. Success doesn’t work by waiting

It will get by Doing”


We should become like the ocean, as if there is no change in its nature even after thousands of rivers go in it, in the same way, no matter how successful we become, our nature should never forget that which made you so successful.


I don’t change the way…. I make way

Motivational Quotes to Study

“People always waste time to kept on thinking and life slipped out of hand.

go on, think less, do more


“Everyone gets two opportunities, sometime discomfort and prolonged rest or something
time of rest or prolonged discomfort. And most of the people choose second chance.



“Today’s man listens with all his heart, by listening

To share knowledge to others is a ton, I wish myself too

Take your particle full!!”


Focus on learning, before earning, earning is always  come in the future; Learning is  present moment thing. Learn before you Earn.


My friends, at the end of this article, I would like to tell you that the inspirational thoughts given in this Motivational Quotes to Study can only inspire you. You will have to move ahead yourself. And I know that you will definitely move forward and achieve your goal. Thank you

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Motivational Quotes to Study

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